This is the part where I’m supposed to put this awesome artist statement. Here goes: let’s start with I’m a fine artist, graphic designer, illustrator, teacher, mother, wife and all around kickass friend. I’ve been drawing my entire life, and luckily grew up in a supportive environment to pursue the arts professionally. Art is everything-once you get it you can never go back.


After years of commercial work, I’m getting back to focusing on my core, which is painting and drawing. I have been working mainly in watercolor lately, which I really enjoy. My subject matter depends on what is floating around in my mind most days. I love nature, especially flowers and birds, and I am constantly inspired by everyday things. I wish I could say that I am trying to make a major statement about something amazing, but my art is mostly about me getting the images in my head down on paper. You tell me what that means.


I teach high school art full time, paint as much as possible, freelance graphic design/illustration/tattoo design, attempt to raise two fine young men, laugh with my husband and keep my eyes open. I hate long walks on the beach, love music and wish I could sit down and read a book once in awhile. I take commissions for paintings of a variety of subjects, but I am especially interested in flora and fauna, as well as tattoo designs.


Thanks for your interest.